Birds of Prey

You find the litters pedigree here

coi: 12,8%

top 5: 66,7%

clones: 33,7%

Summer 2023

We are proud to be introducing a great cooperation between
Taschanas Cattery and HappyStar Cattery in Norway.
These two beauties will hopefully be the start of it!

I have been following HappyStar Theos life from the start - he cought my eyes like it was ment to be. He has his own instagram account along with his best friend, the rabbit, Leo. And as the finishing touch, his name "Theo" is the same name as Tasvhanas Catterys very first born male back in 1996.
A kitten that meant a lot to the whole famuly <3

We hope this combination between show, outcross, wonderful temperament amd health, will bring us some fluffy hairbals for you to wnjoy!
Send me an email if you are interested with this combitantion.

Expected colours:

red/creme boys
black/blue/turtle girls

all with or without smoke

all with or without tabbypattern
all with or without mittens or pattyfeet (polypaws)